Junkin (party of five)

Junkin (party of five)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Court Day,

    I want to start off to explain what this court date was for.  Normally there is a preliminary hearing where the birth mother or the relative that relinquished the child attends.  Since our birth mother has missed two hearings, the judge ordered for a police search for her.  We went ahead and came to Ethiopia to do our part for the court which is pretty much giving your consent that this is the child you want to adopt.  Some of the questions the judge asked were "Are we prepared to answer his questions when he grows up about the adoption?"  "Do we love the child" "Do we have friends that have adopted from Ethiopia for him to play with" "She asked us if we have any biological children of our own and if they were excited"  She asked if we had spent the time in country learning about Ehiopian country"  It was pretty much that quick.  It was a very surreal experience.  We have been waiting 18 months to get in front of a judge to tell her how much we love this child and it was really happening.  She did say that she is waiting on the police report to declare him officially ours!  We walked out of the room and I looked at John and he was crying.  I love that man!!!  
    We rushed back to the transition house to hurry and get changed because we were going to feed the monkeys, visit an orphanage, and then go see Woudneh (West Sands School).  At the orphanage there were about 7 children playing outside when we got there.  They hurried over to us an immediately took our hands.  We started playing soccer, which they killed us!!  I then took a couple with me just to hug on them and tell them they are loved.  We sang "jesus loves me several times" and "this little light on mine"  It was so hard to leave them not knowing if they will get a family.
    Later, Woudneh took us to the school that he built for West Sands.  It is in amazing school that holds around 200 children.  The children were so happy!!  Woudneh has to be one of the most interesting person I have ever met.  It is also really cool to see if him work so hard for these children.  Woudneh is definitely one of kind.  He love Jesus and wants the best for these children and for the Ehiopian country.

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