Junkin (party of five)

Junkin (party of five)

Friday, September 28, 2012


     On Monday the embassy let us know that they wanted to interview the birth mother's father.  Our agency informed us the orphanage would be looking for him.  Yesterday we got a completely unexpected email.  During their search for the grand father they found our son's birth mother!  I had to read it several times until I knew I wasn't dreaming.  Part of me was happy they found her and then the fear and anxiety took hold.  All I could think about was when she disappeared when she was supposed to be at court.  I knew that if she didn't show up for this interview they would just keep rescheduling it causing delay after delay.  I am going to be completely honest.  I had a complete melt down.  I'm talking that ugly kind of crying.  I called my mom and she helped.  My friends helped encourage me.  I dug into scripture.  I realized God called us on this journey.  As hard as it is, I must give this completely to him.  Micah is our son and I have to trust that the Lord is watching over him.  

     We were not sure if we would find out today when the birth mother's appointment would be scheduled for.  I spent a large portion yesterday of looking up how long families had to wait for these appointments.  Every single one was 2-3 weeks out.  I had prepared myself for this.  This morning I heard John's phone ding at 2:00 am with a new email.  I knew this was more than likely the embassy with the scheduled appointment.  I didn't want to look at it because I just wasn't ready to see that we had to wait another 3 weeks until the appointment.  At 5:00 am I finally looked at the email.  It said, "The birth mother interview is scheduled for Tuesday October 2nd at 3:00".  What?!?!  That is next week!!  We immediately emailed our agency and Lesley responded with "that is unheard of, this can only be God".  

     So, now we wait to hear if she comes to the embassy appointment.  If she does appear we should clear that day.  I want to ask each of you to pray for Micah's birth mother.  I cannot imagine how difficult this is for her.  She has already gone over the reasons behind her relinquishing Micah to the regional court.  Now she will have to tell her story again.  I will not go into details but it is heart breaking.  I could never be angry with this woman.  She chose life for our son.  The day Micah was born I was at the Created for Care retreat for adoptive mothers.  That was the first time I realized I needed to be praying for the woman that would give birth to our son.  I broke into tears thinking about what she would go through.  When we got our referral and I saw the day he was born I was blown away.  We will forever be grateful to her for giving our son life.  

     Today I painted a picture to put in Micah's room.  I thought I would share it with you.

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