Junkin (party of five)

Junkin (party of five)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are ready!

    We found out last week that Micah's new birth certificate and passport have arrived.  He will now go for his medical exam possibly next week.  Once this is complete we will finally be able to submit our case to the U.S. embassy.  This is where we have no clue how long it will take for embassy to clear  his case, but as soon as they do we will be on the first flight to Ethiopia to bring him home!!  Embassy could clear us in a week or it could take a month.  It is in God's hands.  

    Today we finished Micah's room!  It was such a huge relief to get this done because I will be having surgery next Monday.  I was in a mad dash to get the "big boys" room and Micah's room finished.  My mom will be spending the week with me after my surgery and she will help get all of the baby clothes washed and put away.  I'm hoping we can also make a trip to get bottles and other little things we may need.  Working on these rooms have really helped me with missing my little boy.  I could have never dreamed it would be this hard.  I thought the waiting for the referral call was brutal but it doesn't even compare to this wait!  Some days I look at my husband and say "I'm just so sad".  Bless my poor husband!  I know he is dealing with missing Micah too, but I can tell it is killing him to see me like this.  I keep telling myself "not much longer".  A sweet friend I have met through facebook was able to bring her two sons home this week.  While she was at the transition home she checked on Micah.  She sent me two great pictures of him!  It is such a blessing when a family doesn't  mind loving on your child while they are in country.  She said that he is a very happy boy and sleeps very well!

     I just wanted to leave you with some pictures of our little Micah's room.  I can't wait to see him peeking out of that crib!!

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